Using our sleek, turbine-powered Enstrom 480B helicopter, Vertivue provides a full range of helicopter transportation, sightseeing, and aerial photo and video services for businesses and private clients.



Vertivue is the area's only fully FAA-approved helicopter charter service.   Our most popular helicopter charter destination is New York City via the Manhattan heliports. Pickups at JFK are also very popular for international travelers. When time is critical, Vertivue's helicopter can land off-airport and move up to 4 passengers directly to their ultimate destination.



Vertivue offers spectacular helicopter tours of the Lehigh Valley, New York, Philadelphia, the Poconos, and the Chesapeake Bay. Air tours can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours. We often customize our routes to satisfy special requests. Real estate research and Fall foliage flights are very popular. Our helicopter flights make wonderful gifts for family, friends, and clients.





We love to use our helicopter in creative ways and are open to your special ideas to enhance life's special moments.  

  • Wedding Party Transportation

  • Surprise Marriage Proposals

  • Big Birthday Party Arrivals

  • Surprise Backyard Landings



Our Enstrom 480B helicopter is a perfect platform for aerial photography. The helicopter can safely fly with doors removed to provide an unobstructed view of the world below. The cabin is cavernous with lots of headroom and extra space for camera bags and equipment.


Professional photographers hire Vertivue to tackle aerial photography challenges that would be impossible or illegal to do with a drone. Vertivue's helicopter can fly at night, over major cities and at high altitudes. We can also operate near airports and in all types of controlled airspace.



Vertivue has become the region's most reputable option for filmmakers and real estate professionals seeking dramatic aerial video footage that is impossible to get with a drone. Vertivue uses its gyro-stabilized Skybox camera system mounted on the nose of the helicopter to capture cinema quality 4k video for clients. Vertivue's footage has been used in several feature films.

This amazing footage of New York at night we captured is a great example of the level of work we do!


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